Vegan Mozartkugel

vegan mozartkugel

In one of my last posts I mentioned how I make and use vegan nougat, or like some people like to call it, vegan Nutella. This is another one of those recipes where you can use it, and probably one of my all-time favorites. Vegan Mozartkugel is the only candy that I would rather make than buy at the store.

I tried quite a few of these in my lifetime, and I always prefered the ones I tried in Austria. That is, until I made this vegan version. I can’t quite explain why, they just taste so rich and amazing. So if you enjoyed the store-bought ones, you will absolutely love these. Another great thing about them is that they are almost refined sugar free (aside from the sugar in the dark chocolate, but you can use the sugar free chocolate if you like).

Vegan Mozartkugel contains a lot of almonds and other good ingredients, and I will lay out a few facts why they can be good for you.

Some health benefits

Almonds are a great source of fiber. Eating a handful of almonds or drinking a glass of almond milk can keep your gastrointestinal tract moving and prevent constipation. Almonds can also promote healthy bacteria in your gut. This can help you digest your food and even fight off illness.

They contain a bunch of vitamins A and E, so they can be really good for your skin. In addition to giving you glowing skin, vitamin E in almonds can help your heart as well. Diets high in vitamin E are linked with lower rates of heart disease.

Almonds can help you lose weight, since eating them can eliminate your cravings for other not so healthy food. Its healthy fatty acids help strengthen hair and add texture. Not only are almonds packed with healthy fats and protein, but they’re also rich in antioxidants. These plant compounds can protect your cells from oxidation and premature aging. 

I don’t know about you, but I think that these are some pretty good reasons to try and incorporate more almonds into your diet. I know that I will. And if you lack for ideas, you can start with these lovely vegan Mozartkugeln.

A piece of advice

I think that this recipe is rather easy to make, even though it contains quite a few steps. So I will leave a few notes here that might make this process easier, and maybe even quicker for you.

While pistachio marzipan is not easy to come by in my country, you can probably find the plain white one in stores. So if you do not feel like making it, you can always buy some at the grocery store and use it for this recipe. But you will have to make the pistachio center yourself.

One time I couldn’t find regular non-salted pistachios, so I bought the salty ones and soaked them in water for some time. And it turned out to be just fine. So if you have the same problem, you can do what I did.

And last but not least, you can use coconut oil instead of cocoa butter for the nougat part. Personally, I prefer the cocoa butter, since it gives a great texture to the nougat and smells so amazing. I love to use it for cakes. But if you want to save up some money, you can use the coconut oil instead, like I did in my hazelnut cheesecake recipe.

So that’s about it for advice today, I hope you will enjoy these vegan Mozartkugeln as much as I did. Bon appetit!


White marzipan:

150 g of blanched almonds

3 tbsp of agave syrup

Pistachio marzipan:

50 g of blanched almonds

100 g pistachios

3 tbsp of agave syrup

1/2 tsp lemon zest


150 g of hazelnuts

25 g of cocoa butter

5 tbsp of agave syrup

2 tbsp of cocoa powder


300 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa)

30 g of cocoa butter


Roast the hazelnuts in the oven at 175 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. Remove the hazelnuts from the oven, allow them to cool for a few minutes and blend them. Melt the cocoa butter and pour it into the hazelnuts, then bled well again. Add other nougat ingredients and blend or mix. Separate the nougat onto a flat surface and knead for a few minutes.

 In a blender, blend almonds for the regular white marzipan. Add agave syrup and blend more until it is incorporated evenly. Put the marzipan into a separate bowl. Put almonds and pistachios in a blender and blend. Add agave syrup and lemon zest and blend until well incorporated. Put the pistachio marzipan into a separate bowl.

From a piece of pistachio marzipan roll a small ball and roll it into nougat (you can make a circle shaped nougat layer and wrap it around the pistachio marzipan). Make a larger ball out of regular marzipan and press it with your palm on a flat surface. Coat the smaller pistachio/nougat ball with regular marzipan. Melt dark chocolate and cocoa butter and mix well. Dip each ball into the chocolate and leave in the fridge until it hardens.

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Feel free to tell me what you think about this in the comments below, or send me the pictures of your own vegan Mozartkugel. If you did something differently, I would also like to hear that, I’d love to see the things you come up with. 

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